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WebProgramacion Consultoría Informática

WebProgramación Consultoría Informática is a Salamanca-based computer business which performs all kinds of I.T. developments specifically tailored to meet the customer’s needs: management programs, webpages, online shops, online education platforms, search engine positioning (SEO) etc.

Our business draws upon expertise acquired at the University of Salamanca’s Institute for Community Integration (INICO) where we perform customized software development tasks (web pages and programs) as a means of aiding research projects.


We foster innovation as a way of improving our clients’ performance through the use of technology. We understand that being up-to-date with emerging technologies is fundamental to developing the best I.T. systems for our clients. This means that they will be able to rely on the appropriate tools to increase the competitiveness of their businesses.

We develop customized solutions for:

  • Desktop environments: management tools, optimization, information cataloging, …
  • Web environments: webpages, online shops, online training platforms, …
  • Mobile environments

Accessibility is at the forefront of all developments created by WebProgramación. One of the business’ principles is development for all, irrespective of each user’s personal characteristics, equipment or handicaps.


We aim to improve the running of businesses and institutions via customized I.T. tools.

Optimizing resources and improving productivity

Using custom-made software, we strive to optimize resources and improve the productivity of our customers, helping them to spend less on their usual management tasks, sharing of products, fuel consumption etc.

Maximizing income

We increase our customers’ online presence, and thus their income, by:

  • introducing online shops
  • spreading them across the Internet
  • creating online training platforms

Technical support

We also provide efficient telephone support and remote assistance, allowing the client to contact customer service at any moment regarding any query, suggestion or need to change or improve an application. We give our customers the attention they need to perform their business tasks effectively.

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